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Beijing Olympic Park

We're on a week break for National Day so some of us have been exploring the city a bit! Recently we took a trip to the 2008 Olympic Park. It's really a beautiful location!






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Revisiting the Great Wall

Today or class took a field trip to the Great Wall! We had a ton of fun and took many selfies haha!

A side note large official tourist groups are definitely more of a thing in China we've seen many whenever we visit a standard 'tourist' area. Many of these groups seem to still Chinese tourists from different regions.


This is one of the official intentional department uniform shirts! I still don't have pants :(



Also the love locks typically found along bridges in Paris have migrated to the Great Wall. I don't understand why the Great Wall is deemed to be super romantic but it's still cute ♡

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Mid Autumn Festival

This past Sunday was the Mid Autumn Festival also known as the Moon Festival. Its a very important holiday in China that is reminiscent of Thanksgiving. Most families get together and have reunion dinners and eat moon cakes. The students in the girl's international dorm all held a moon cake party! We had a lot of fun eating moon cakes and drinking tea in the common room.


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School Life

I've been adjusting to my new school pretty well! I'm in the intermediate class which is full of great students. Are class has Americans, Koreans, a Japanese, and a Russian student. The classroom is a great learning environment, everyone is super positive! We recently decorated the classroom for the next few months. We also won an award which are teacher claims is for having the best attitude out of the three language only classes. :D
The weather has been pretty up and down but any time it rains the sky clears and is very blue. I've also finished my dorm room. I'm pretty proud of it IMG_20150923_125121.jpg






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China Food Fun

Cabbage, Noodles, and Macarons

I figured it would be fun to post some pictures of some of my favorite food that I have experienced during the past two weeks :)

First there is an amazing Korean restaurant near the school that makes really yummy pickled cabbage! I like to go there for dinner sometimes when the cafeteria is too crazy.


Second, my favorite lunch at the cafeteria is a spicy noodle dish. It has scallions onions and chili peppers scattered around really long noodles. It's a great break during the middle of the day.


Finally, last weekend I stopped into a McDonald's. McD's in China are way more high class then in America. The McCaffe actually sells macarons! Surprisingly they are a really great price too :)


Love ya'll,


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