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Tian an men and the National Museum

On Statues, Sharks, and Fruit Sticks


Yesterday we visited Tian an men and the National Museum! It was a really busy day. The square was full of people because the weather was gorgeous! We had cool breezes, blue skies, and a shining sun.

In the square we saw Tian an Men, and the Monument to the People's Heroes.


After We visited the National Museum. Which I guess is sort of like a large Chinese art and history Smithsonian style museum. There were many interesting exhibits on jade, ancient coins, WWII art, and bronze age statues. There was also a very interesting short time international exhibit on the dangers of the shark fin industry.

Outside the National Museum

A wood block press


On Sharks and Humanity


After that we went and had lunch. I was finally able to get one of the honey and sugar coated fruit sticks that I have always wanted to try! This one had grapes and cherry tomatoes!!! 很好吃!!!


Remember that fish are friends, not food. Eat fruit sticks instead ;)

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BJ 80 Dorms :)


Hey all,

I'm now in Beijing! I had a great orientation in Washington DC and a pretty smooth first week! My dorm mate is from Hong Kong. Her name is Mary. She is a gao er student so she's pretty busy with home work. She's a great student :)

Are dorm and school have been really great! The cafeteria has some really great noodle dishes. I am an intermediate class student and the head teacher is super nice! Here are some pictures of the dorm and school!

This is my bed from one view.

This is my bed from another view.

This is my desk/book shelf

This is the view from our window. We're on the sixth floor :)


This is a view of the girl's dormitory
This is the Beijing No. 80 International Student Building where I take classes.
And this is my new school schedule for the first half of the semester or so :)

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Returning to China

Beijing Academic Year 2015-2016

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who don't know I am very excited to be returning to China with NSLI-Y from September 8, 2015 to mid June, 2016. I will be attending Beijing No. 80 High School in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. I will be starting to update my blog on a daily basis again starting in late August or early September. Thanks to everyone for your support! I can't wait to start sharing my adventures in Beijing!

-Verity Cheslo


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Saying Goodbye to Deyang / Trip to the Forbidden City

Sorry for the very late update!

Hello Everyone,

I am now back in New Jersey, but after the back to school rush died down I realized that I needed to finish my blog! While in China I did not realize that this blog had such a large following. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my adventures and support me on my journey. All of the comments, views, and encouragement meant a lot to me while I was on my trip! Currently I am in the process of applying to continue my studies in senior year. If I am excepted into the NSLI-Y program again I would study for nine months instead of six weeks. My fingers are crossed, hoping that I am accepted back into this amazing program. If I do spend nine months in China please be prepared to read more weekly blog updates! Until that point I am going to create a sub section for this blog that will have information about my Girl Scout Gold Award. For my Gold Award I am currently teaching 4th-6th graders cultural understanding, basic Mandarin, and Chinese holidays. If you are interested in this project please keep following my blog for more weekly updates in the States!

Leaving Deyang my family and I sad goodbye at the school I had been attending for six weeks. My host family was amazing and I miss them a lot. My sister and I still text using an international provider called qq. My parents were actually talking about taking their next vacation in the New York so hopefully we will get to see each other again in the future!


After leaving Deyang my friends and I had a couple of days in Beijing. During this stay after lots of orientations we were able to go to the Forbidden City.


I would definitely recommend applying to NSLI-Y if you are interested in foreign languages. I had an experience I never thought I would get to have, and was able to form friendships with great people from China and America. I hope other students consider applying to this program! Thank you for an amazing summer!


If you would like to see more photos and videos here are links to my two youtube videos about my experiences through NSLI-Y. If you know anyone interested in applying feel free to share these videos or my blog link!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPYfz1W2DCI this is a photo compilation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdkKO-G1tZk this is a video compilation

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Parting gift idea

So I did have some things to give my family as a parting gift but the big thing I did was cook a full Italian dinner. I made penne pasta with vodka glaze, I toasted bread and made a salsa topping, I grilled some chicken, I made a bell pepper salad, and I created a ground ground Pork mixture to put into the pasta. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was pretty fun!

So tomato sauc ed here is basically ketchup so I made my own vodka sauce. The chemistry behind this was very hard to explain to my mom when I told her I need to buy vodka. Apparently there is no such thing as alcohol dissipation in Chinese cooking :)



:p dad I can totally cook when I want to.

Ps. If you want to toast bread my family doesn't have a toaster, oven, or butter so have fun figuring out how that was done lol

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