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Korean BBQ

So today, in China, my family and I went out for Korean bbq! Basically you grill your own meat and then wrap it in lettuce. You can also grill noodles abs scallops in a shell. In addition I tried my first kimbap in China! It was a pretty awesome lunch!



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Book Store Fun!!!

So if your living in Deyang next year you'll probably find v that the Wenmiao square area is the hip part of Deyang where all the high school and college students hang out. If you go at night by taxi you will most likely be dropped off in front of a huge granite square. At night this square is literally covered with different square dancing groups and blasted with loud music. During the day its just a really empty granite space with people walking around. Anyways directly across from the square is a huge KTV which is super easy to see. Connected to the right side of the ktv are a bunch of stores stacked on top of each other with stairs up the side for each store. On the third floor there is a really awesome Chinese bookstore. It looks a little weird from the outside but my sister and all her friends say they go there all the time. Also the inside is really nice.
Why is this store awesome? They have any style book in Chinese, manga, kids books, gao kao prep books, and just normal biographies and such. They also have lots of really cute school supplies and nerd gear. What a lot of my friends bought was calligraphy pens that would normally be $20 in the usa and are the usa equivalent.

Our super long receipt written completely in Chinese.

Braiding hair on a math break lol

My friends brother explaining how to use an abacus.

The treasure trove!

Separating people's orders. We decided it would be best for each of us to go down the list and find our own stuff since some of our orders were much smaller than others. For instance mine was the smallest at 98¥ but the largest was 251¥ this is before the discount.

Translating characters

Dicos menu! Seventh inning stretch American style food break. Plus this is the only cheap place around Wenmiao were you can sit around with air conditioning for three hours!

See you!!!

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New Years Painting Gallery

A couple of days ago my class went to the Deyang New Years Painting Gallery. Most of the paintings are Buddhist, Confucius based, or from ancient Chinese mythology. Many of the paintings are meant to be hung up during New Years for many different reasons depending on the picture. This explanation may or may not be correct as the tour guide could only speak Chinese and our teacher chaperones can't speak English either.

So first a brief explanation of the following two pictures. All of our Chinese families are high fliers by Chinese standards and many of them are also rich by American standards. Basically one of my friend's aunts is part of a very high tech photography club. Her name club needed something to photograph so my friend's family asked the school if they could shadow us on our field trip. In addition to taking pictures of us free form they asked four of us to pose for them when we visited a local art studio near the museum. My friend Chris and I were asked to participate in what we and our friends Matt and Dominique are calling the "model shoot" .
Basically the photography club put the four of us in random poses . mostly they did individual shots but there was one were they wanted Chris and I to go together like a couple which was pretty hilarious because of how confused we were when they gave us directions. We are fairly sure they just picked the tallest, blondest, and the most pale people they could find lol.



We got to try painting at a local art studio!!



Art studio



A photo of a photography club member taking a photo of me taking a photo of the village.

My friend Tchesaire

A PSA from a museum in China. Actually it's a video camera warning lol.



Door Gods

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Factory Tour

Today we visited an electrical engineering factory run and owned by one of my friend's moms. She was originally from a small rural town but she has worked hard to start her own factory that is privately owned outside of the government. When a woman goes from av rural setting to a high status this is called being a "Golden Phoenix". Her company helped rescue workers during the 2008 earthquake by providing clean water and a large place to rest. It was really interesting! Side note some of my friends and I went to KTV tonight with our host siblings and their classrooms.





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Late Weekend Update!

This weekend I went with two of my American friends to visit our Chinese friend Oliver and his family in a suburb of Deyang. We visited a working Buddhist temple, picked watermelons, and went to a lotus garden! My family and I Also visited the Leshan Buddha which is the worlds largest Buddha. It is carved into the side of the mountain!

My dad, my sister and I at Leshan


Working Buddhist temple


Picking Watermelons

lotus garden

If you walk towards this wall with your eyes closed and touch the luck symbol you will live forever.

Leshan Buddha

My sister and I


Picking Watermelons


My mom, my sister, and I
Goodnight! I have more photos but uploading here is really weird lol.

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