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School Picture/ Largest Mall in Deyang

So first just a school break picture of us playing mahjong

Second since I'm a lot better today I went to the largest mall in Deyang with my sister and some friends from school! It was so much fun. And since most of us have had crazy stomach problems we actually found a restaurant that served pretty legit Italian pasta for really reasonable prices in the US! And it came in normal portions! We also went to the bookstore and I bought the Great Gatsby in Chinese. I hope to translate it back into English over the rest of high school. :)

So in China rice is bought in such bulk that it is just bagged by the customer and then weighed. It's pretty cool! Also my friends host sister Alice is model status in this photo :)

This is an awesome Starbucks meets Chinese bookstore that we went to. We could only really read the kindergarten books lol!

My friend Jill with an parrot that a restaurant had for publicity. I'm not sure if this is legal in the US lol.

We are fairly sure this is supposed to be slippery floors. At least we hope so :o

So yeah, going to the mall was great for a rainy afternoon!

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Chinese Hospital Adventure

So last night I got sick again last night and so this morning my mom took me to the hospital. First, for those of you who don't know the Chinese do not have normal doctor's offices. If there is anything wrong with you you go to the hospital. So I already knew that. What I didn't realize was that they start with the worst possible diagnosis until they actually get to what's wrong with you.
I went from possibly having a "hole" in my stomach, to maybe having gastritis, to maybe having an intestine infection, to them concluding oh she just has a fever and diarrhea at the same time.
I had a blood test, got an xray, peed in a cup, and had a doctor put some weird stuff on my stomach. Originally they talked about giving me an IV! They also wanted me to spend the night at the hospital but I put my foot down on that. My mom seemed to be chill with me going home. So now I have 6 different types of Chinese pills I have to take today and tomorrow. What was also annoying was I was hoping the doctors wouldn't give me medicine I was hoping they would just tell my mom how to fix my diet. I have tried to explain the oils, spiceyness, and portion sizes to my sister but she was just confused so I only got to keep my bread and rice diet for one day because my family didn't think it was healthy Lol
Going to the hospital was a nightmare. On the other hand when we got home I called my friends parents who are doctor's in Wuhan. Thankfully with the blood tests and information from me they were able to explain what I can and can't eat. I think my mom and sister understand the dietary needs better now that a doctor explained it. Hopefully there will be no more dietary illnesses now!

Moral of the Story: Don't get sick in China. It's scary.

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Travel Tip 2

So as some of you know I was feeling sick to my stomach quite literally yesterday. Now since my mom works in a hospital you would think she would have medicine at home but apparently no one in my family gets sick so she has none. And this is why when traveling abroad you should bring a medicine cabinet with you. Thankfully I had everything I needed and I feel much better today, but if I didn't I would have had to go to the hospital to be prescribed medicine. I am not sure as to how Western and Chinese medicines compare so I'm glad I have my own. :)

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Culture Highlight 1

You may or may not have heard this but there is no safety when behind the wheel in China. First of all drivers are crazy. My dad has driven onto the side walk at least three times. Also lanes apparently do not exist. In addition to this my mom has once pulled into a lane where cars where coming in our direction! One of my friend's family's car doors got grazed by another car and her dad and the other driver parked in the middle of the lane and started arguing in Sichuan Hua.
Next cars in China do have seat belts however they are inaccessible in the back seat because they are tied down under bamboo mats (everyone's family does this). In the front seats they can be used and I use them but my parents never do! This is the same in taxis.
Third scooter drivers, rickshaw drivers, motorcyclists, and bicyclists all have some strange pact to not wear protective arm or head gear. It's really scary. However female cyclists will some times wear these welder like masks that my sister says are meant to prevent turning brown in the sun and plastic arm gloves for the same purpose. Priorities here are messed up lol.

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This weekend we went to Chengdu to visit my Aunt, went swimming and went to ktv!

My house!


Chengdu Long and Narrow Alley


My three favorite foods! Zhong zi (Rice, Pork, and beans wrapped in bamboo) Jiao Zi (Legit Chinese dumplings) and Bao Zi (Steamed bread with anything you want inside) seriously all the three things are like pockets of love.


An awesome tree house restaurant we ate at in Chengdu.


My sister, her friends and I did go to an awesome ktv *kareoke tv* building, but unfortunately it was to poorly lit for photos.

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