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南京 & 北京

Nanjing & Beiing

I recently got back from a trip to Nanjing the original capital of China. This was a trip for students that was sponsored by NSLI-Y over our winter break. We got to spend ten days in Nanjing completing volunteer projects, visiting 南京大学 (Nanjing University), and traveling in and around the city to experience its rich history and culture.
Because this trip was pretty long I want to split it up under a couple of posts unlike our trip to Shanghai which was only one entry. This entry I want to give a short introduction to Nanjing since its not as well known as Shanghai or Beijing.
Beijing is the current capital but Nanjing is the ancient capital of China. the Bei 北 in Beijing 北京 means north whereas the Nan 南 in Nanjing 南京 stands for the south. Nanjing is a very historical city. There are many sites such as the Presidential Palace and multiple temples that are integrated into the regular flow of the city.
Nanjing is also well known because of the Japanese invasion and the subsequent massacre of Chinese citizens and razing of the city during WWII. Because of this the city is mostly newly built with only a few sections from pre-WWII intact. Many of the temples also feature many reconstructed buildings or rooms and are not fully original. Nanjing has the Nanjing Massacre Museum which was built over one of many mass graves and was architecturally designed to look like a scar over the city.
As a close up to this entry before I add temple and service unit posts I have a couple photos from the Sun Zhong Shan Mausoleum . Sun Zhong Shan is a tribute to Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Sun is often called the "Father of Modern China" and founded the Republic of China. The Sun Zhong Shan is now a popular tourist site featuring many steps that gradually get steeper and steeper until you reach the top.


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Christmas in China

A Little Bit Late~

Between final exams, school wide talent shows, and a trip to Nanjing I realized that I have not updated the blog in quite sometime. I'd like to thank everyone whose reached out to me with comments or emails to me during this time period. I really appreciate the support during my time here. I'd also like to wish everyone a merry late Christmas and a soon coming happy Chinese New Year! 圣诞节快乐! 新年快乐!
There are still Christmas trees up in China and I'm sure some of you in America are waiting for the Superbowl before your decorations are all down so I figured I still have time for a quick Christmas blog entry :)
Christmas Eve my classmates and I went out for hot pot, a spicy fondue-esque Chinese meal, and had a gift exchange. Christmas day some of us went ice skating local rink after brunch and later attended mass at a Catholic church in Wangfujing. It was a very nice holiday.
I also have some photos from a lights display at one of the local shopping plazas. I hope to post an update about my travels in Nanjing soon!


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Snow Day, Smog Day: Same Difference

An Anecdote on Pollution in Beijing

Hey All,

Recently following the Paris Climate Talks you may have been getting a steady trickle of news about Beijing's mega cloud of toxic darkness aka the pollution. This week Beijing had a first by suggesting that all schools shut down for the next two and a half days. That's right folks, while your siblings or kids are squealing over snow days my classmates in the BJ. 80 International Girl's Dormitory were jumping up and down in circles because we are having a smog day.

I think it's important to realize that the environment in Beijing has reached very low points before, this is just the worst it has been following the massive air cleaning that went on in advance of the 2008 Olympics. I hope people realize that being environmentally friendly isn't a joke. I think in America we make light of the environment because we don't often come face to face with a white cloud of nothing outside our window. We don't think about the headaches, the sore throats, and lung damage that can come from years of being subjected to this level of pollution. Americans aren't thinking about their kids having no PE class for weeks on end because if they run around the track they could easily become sick. Americans don't have to think about it because it's not their reality. Unfortunately for Chinese families this is life.

I was just as excited as my peers that when I learned that we would not have to go to class for a couple of days, but I was not excited by the reason behind the cancelation. I hope all the recent talk about Beijing let's other people think about what's going on with the world's environment.


In all of these photos there are whole buildings that are invisible due to the smog.

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Fabric Market Trip

My fashion class is entering students into a school fashion show! The theme is fire and ice. Recently some classmates and I went to a large wholesale fabric market to buy supplies. It was a really interesting trip. I also got to make use of the metric system ; )

My dress design!

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Cool Korean Finger Family

Hey all,

Completely unrelated to China, but one of my Korean cclassmates was explaining to me what Koreans call each finger. Basically each finger is named after a family member. It's a pretty awesome system!

Pointer Finger=Mom
Middle Finger=Older Brother
Ring Finger=Little Brother. (This one I'm not completely positive is correct. It could have been older sister but I can't remember for sure. )
Pinky=Little Sister.

I just tight this was pretty cool and would be fun too share :)

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